For the exhibition Immersion – A Deep Dive into Virtual Reality I created a handcrafted 3D world that can be experienced in VR. In Cherished Memories you relive moments from the past of ones memories. Singular Moments in time and the world itself is fractured. Your surroundings feel surreal and are distorted – like your own memories. Over the course of time memories fade and get more and more distorted the further back in the past they are. That is what psychologists call Recall Bias. In the game your memories become an unreliable narrator. Objects shatter, experiences get fractured and proportions get out of hand.Visually, the world is defined by alienated rock formations, surreal flying objects and the warmth of a late summer sun. The world is interactive. That means objects that lie around can be picked up, looked at closely and can be thrown away. If you have a Virtual Reality device at hand you can give it a go and download the experience right away.